08.04.24 LEGACY Interview mit Chris

... What are the roots from Miles2fall and what are our Songs about.
Read it here!

29.02.24 We are part of the Legacy-magazine nr. 149:

... sampler, review and interview. Time to visit your local dealer!

02.01.24 - Happy new year...

... to all of you! We putted some nice Live-pictures on this website, which were made by our friend and supporter Mario Klein from Dr. Death. Thanks Bro! Thanks Siegen

23.12.23 - Vortex over and out

First show in Siegen (Vortex Surfer Club) was a blast! It was a great evening for us and hopefully for the crowd too. We appriciate you support and we promise to present some new dates as soon as possible.

18.12.2023 - Streaming ready

All the streaming services are ready now! Let's go to your favorite platform and stream „Lower skies“ from left to right. Loud of Louder! We are really looking for some feedback.



  • Mario bass & vocals
  • Nils guitars
  • Chris vocals
  • Sascha guitars
  • Basti drums

Lower Skies

Debut Album (Release 15-12-2023)
10 -Tracks, 46 min
Available on CD / Streaming

Songs and lyrics are written by Miles2fall
Produced by Sascha Stange
Mastering UNISOUND by Dan Swanö
Additional female vocals on "Distance"
by Mona Babberger

1. Greater sound (4:43)
2. My dominion (3:33)
3. Lower skies (5:24)
4. Dead air (3:17)
5. Distance (4:56)
6. The space between us (5:49)
7. Thin Line (4:06)
8. We remain (4:34)
9. Claiming (4:39)
10. Lost (4:44)
22.12.2023 SIEGEN Vortex Surfer Club with Infinite Horizon & The Watcher Pictures
19.07.2024 GREIFENSTEIN Celtic Rock Open Air with Megaherz, XIV. Dark Centuries, Thanateros, Souls of Sorrow, Skelfir Get Tickets
18.01.2025 EWERSBACH Bepob Ewersbach with Mindcross and Cephyre sale will start soon

more Dates coming soon!

Lower Skies

Lower Skies is about a kingdom, a world to rest our heads and no more blindness to the truth.

My Dominion

It‘s about facing the fact of a tactile loss controlling thoughts, deeds and changing the meaning of life within seconds.

The Space between us

The song lyrically deals with the topic of toxic relationships. There ain‘t no place like home, but it might feel being caught somewhere in-between situations. No comfortable living, no escape.

Dead Air

Lonesome, losing grip, reaching the bottom. Empowering oneself by belief, creating perspektives, renewal in any way.

Album „Lover Skies“ CD

Digipack, 16-page Booklet
Release 15.12.2023

Shirt „Logo“

Sizes S-XXL, Front Logo, Back: Neckprint, Black based.

Hoodie „Logo“

Sizes S-XXL, Front Logo, Back: Neckprint, Black based.

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